Tape: Bituthane

For use over and/or under road tube, temporary loops and surface mount piezoelectric sensors. This tape is particularly advantageous in high speed or volume traffic environments and in speed recording where road tube roll must be prevented. Also used for repair of bridge deck or road surface cracks to stop leakage or water damage. Woven polypropylene back (not tacky coated). Rubberized asphalt mastic with peel off protective paper. 60 feet per roll.

Bituthane tape available in 2″, 4″, 6″ and 12″ widths that are all 60′ per roll. We also have Bituthane tape in 4″ and 6″ widths with a 2″ pocket which is designed for road tube or piezoelectric sensors to pass through adding an extra layer of protection, hold, and it conceals the tube or sensor. Length is 60′ per roll. 

Part # Description
1250 Bituthane, 2″ x 60′, 6 rolls/case
1251 Bituthane, 4″ x 60′, 2 rolls/case
1252 Bituthane, 6″ x 60′, 2 rolls/case
1253 Bituthane, 12″ x 60′, 1 roll/case
1254 Bituthane w/pocket, 4″ x 60′, 2 rolls/case
1255 Bituthane w/pocket, 6″ x 60′, 2 rolls/case