Overheight Vehicle Detection Systems Overview

Trigg Industries supplies complete systems, including overheight detectors, warning signs, alarms, mounting poles and all needed accessories. We build to meet US and International AC power specifications, as well as Solar (DC) configurations.

Trigg Industries offers technical options to meet varying requirements and can provide cost effective solutions for virtually any overheight or oversized warning condition. Custom detection systems and accessories can be provided as needed.

We provide technical support and documentation from the planning stages through installation.

What Does Trigg Industries Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS) Do?

  • Detects overheight or oversized vehicles and warns drivers of an impending problem.
  • Alerts and directs the driver via warning signs and warning bells to take corrective action.
  • Provides secondary warning beyond existing signage in the interest of public safety.
  • Reduces exposure to costs associated with incidents or accidents.
  • Proven to minimize or eliminate the occurrence of accidents and incidents caused by overheight vehicles.
  • Industry Standard - The standard for quality and performance in all environments for 55 years. - Integral to hundreds of state, county and municipal infrastructures coast to coast and internationally. - System of choice for 48 DOT’s.


  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Railroads
  • Airport Overhangs/Walkways
  • Temporary Falsework
  • Car Carriers
  • Equipment Yards
  • Logging Truck Operations
  • Parking Structures
  • Overpasses
  • Car Rental Facilities

Cost Benefit

One accident usually exceeds the cost of a complete detection and warning system. Trigg Industries Over Height Vehicle Detection System (OHVDS) adds an additional layer of protection and helps to minimize or eliminate costs associated with:

  • Injury or loss of life - Vehicle Damage Emergency Response - Traffic Delays
  • Administrative costs - Dispute or Litigation - Structural Repair - Media Publicity - Insurance Premiums

Highest Reliability and Quality Control Standards

Installed in some of the most adverse conditions worldwide. Proprietary cabinet design and internal environmental control allows continuous operation in fog, ice, snow, dust and heat. Systems meet ISO/IEC Guide 22 Compliance, CE Mark, NEMA 3R Cabinet Enclosure Rating, CALTRANS lightning and hi/lo voltage parameters. We provide extensive documentation and Factory Acceptance Testing protocols.

Ease of Use

Trigg Industries provides specialized mounting brackets for all systems and all elements of the system that allow it to be attached to any sturdy structure. Installation instructions are direct and easy to follow.