Road Tube: Round EPDM Formula

Manufactured to highest quality control standards. Resistant to effects of ozone and ultraviolet light. Inside diameter 1/4” (or 3/16”) ± 1/32” and 9/16” outside diameter ± 1/32”. Inside of the tubing is clean, smooth and free from dust, wax or any foreign material. Line call out specifications of ASTM D-2000 M2AA610F17EA14, z1 ASTM D1149 Mod. 100 hours. 100pphm ozone, z2 100% EPDM, z3 cured to eliminate tackiness, z 4 free from porosity, 10% deviation in tensile and elongation results referred to in D-2000 is recognized and permitted. Lengths of 100’ or 120’ packed 3 lengths per box. Sold in box quantities. In stock. 

Most states have adopted standards for road tube specifications that include requirements for performance and longevity. Trigg Industries Road Tube conforms to all state requirements. 

Road tube should be installed across a straight stretch of road and should not be allowed to bow in the middle. Any curvature in the tubing creates risk of overcounts as the wheels on a single axle will cross at different times. Avoid installing road tube near a zone of acceleration or deceleration if possible as this increases the chances of an overcount. 

Part # Description
1301 ¼” ID, 300 feet per box, 100 foot lengths
1302 ¼” ID, 360 feet per box, 120 foot lengths
1310 3/16″ ID, 300 feet per box, 100 foot lengths
1311 3/16″ ID, 360 feet per box, 120 foot lengths