Polyken 360-45 Dead-Soft Foil Tape

Polyken 360-45 Dead-Soft Foil Tape

Polyken 2 mil, dead-soft aluminum foil, heavy duty, all weather duct tape with 43 mil adhesive for instant water tight bond.


Indoor or outdoor sealing of low, medium and high pressure HVAC duct systems. Seal cracks and seams in gutters, roof valleys, eaves, hips and ridges. Seal around chimneys and vent stacks. Seal rooftop duct systems. Seal leaks in vans, cars and trucks. Repair gouges, rips, tears in metal panels of trailers, shipping containers and metal buildings. Mobile home repair. Application temperature below 0ºF to 180ºF.


Acceptable for use on galvanized materials. Heavy duty all weather tape. Butyl rubber adhesives - contains no asphalt. 2 mil dead soft aluminum backing. Provides instant water tight bond. Will not crack or soften in varying temperatures (below 0ºF to +300ºF). Non-staining adhesive. Paintable - use in place of caulking. Excellent resistance to cold, water and sunlight. Rubber adhesive, foil backing. Available in aluminum. In case lots ONLY.

Part # Description Your Price
Per Case
7041-3 Type 360-45, 3 inch x 30 feet, 16 rolls/case, 50 lbs per case. $540.00
7041-4 Type 360-45, 4 inch x 30 feet, 12 rolls/case, 50 lbs per case. $540.00


Performance Specifications
Measurement U.S. Value Metric Value Test
Adhesive Thickness 43mils 1.08mm ASTM D-1000
Tensile 20lb/in 0.36kg/mm ASTM D-1000
Thickness 45Mils 1.14mm ASTM D-1000
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