Grout: TDC Joint Seal Grout: TDC Joint Seal

Grout: TDC Joint Seal

TDC Joint Sealant is a polyurea sealant that contains no VOC’s (Volitile Organic Compounds) and is Non-Hazmat (Non-Hazordous Material). This two component, 100% solids sealant is self-leveling but also displays fast cure times. The material can be applied without heat in temperatures as low as -35 degrees Fahrenheit. Setup time is between 2-3 minutes, with tack-free time at around 5 minutes. Open to traffic time is 15-20 minutes, depending on outside temperatures. This new generation of polyurea is insensitive to water and displays excellent chemical resistance. The material is applied in a 2:1 ratio and is applied using caulk tubes. Jobs ranging from a single sensor to an entire highway can be applied rapidly and precisely. Standard color is black and works equally well with asphalt or concrete. Cured product can be disposed of without restriction.

Applications include piezoelectric axle sensors, lead-in cables, poth oles, bridge joints, concrete expansion joints (interior or exterior), warehouse floor joints and general concrete repairs. Each cartridge comes with one Static Mixing Tube. During the application process, this sealant may harden in the Static Mixing Tube if left to settle for more then 1½ minutes. First time users might consider having extra Static Mixing Tubes on hand.

Caulk Guns

To be used for applying TDC Joint Seal. Available in manual and pneumatic models, these two-component applicators are of the highest quality.

Part # Description Each Case
1430 TDC Joint Seal, 1 pound, 120 x 300 ml., 18 units per case See TEP Price List
1460 TDC Join Seal, 2 pound, 300 x 600 ml., 9 units per case
1461 Static Mixing Tube for 1 and 2 pound TDC Joint Seal
1470 Manual caulk gun
1480 Pneumatic caulk gun
Approximate Installation Requirements for 3/4" x 3/4" Slot for BL Sensor 6 foot 8 foot 12 foot
TDC Joint Seal 3 lbs 4 lbs 6 lbs
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