Tape: Polyken

rolls of polyken tape

Poly tape is most commonly used to stabilize road tube or to keep road tube stationary in traffic. Type 223 is a utility grade waterproof duct tape, non-twist. Type 231…

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Tape: Winter Bituthane

winter bituthane tape

Biuthane tape designed for colder weather applications. Contains higher levels of Butyl which helps maintain its tackiness when temperatures drop. For use over and/or under road tube, temporary loops and…

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Road Tube: Round EPDM Formula

Manufactured to highest quality control standards. Resistant to effects of ozone and ultraviolet light. Inside diameter 1/4” (or 3/16”) ± 1/32” and 9/16” outside diameter ± 1/32”. Inside of the…

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Spikes and 6 inch Nails

When standard size nails are inadequate, 6”, 8” or 12” galvanized spikes offer significantly enhanced holding power. Anchoring in soft ground conditions, hot asphalt or on shoulders can be improved…

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Figure 8

Woven stainless steel grip with 7/8 inch swaged loop to fit nail, roadside spike or piton anchor. Grip fits end or center of tube.

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Galvanized steel clamp for end of road tube. Anchors to road with two nails. Available for standard 9/16″ OD road tube, Lo-Profile and metric size road tube. These clamps are…

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