Custom Options

A large percentage of our Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS) orders are customized per customer specified criteria. The growing demand to meet constantly evolving challenges in the industry is reflected in the increasing requests to incorporate new capabilities into our Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS). Below are some of the more common features requested.

Custom Solar Power Sources

All Trigg Industries Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS) can be operated with solar power. The operating voltage is 24 Volts DC for both the Source and Detector units. Custom configuration for each geographic location.

The solar power system consists of a solar panel assembly, batteries and solar control electronics. Though solar variation warning devices can be provided, 24VDC to 115VAC converters can be included to supply 115VAC power for Trigg Industries Warning Sign, Bell or other warning devices. The batteries, solar electronics and controller are mounted in a vandal proof aluminum enclosure with inside the pole wiring. Mounting poles can be supplied or the customer can supply their own or use existing structures.

Solar power is a consideration where costs and/or substantial difficulties (trenching, right-of-way, etc.) are encountered in providing 115VAC power to one or both sides of the roadway. The Trigg Industries Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS) can be operated by a combination of solar power and 115VAC.

Blank-Out Signs and Variable Message Signs

Through our partners, Trigg Industries can provide a range of signs to meet project needs. Please note that all signs are custom built to need, customers must provide required voltages, approximate sign dimensions, character sizes, character color, and required display text (Blank-out signs are pre-programmed by manufacturer). 

Custom Alarm Timer

Each Over Height Vehicle Detection System Models have a standard “off-the-shelf” alarm timer. This timer can be modified to any practical length requested, adjustable by the customer on the system control panel.

Remote Counter

Most system models have event counters integral to their control panel. The system can be ordered with a remote counter option which relocates the counter to a separate customer provided or TI provided enclosure. The advantage of this option is the ease of access to the counter without the need for a means of elevating to the level of the Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS) system.

Sun Rejection Extension

These devices attached to the detector portion of the Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS) housing to extend the housing shielding from sunlight and/or reflected light to prevent false alarms. This is rarely required except in very unusual situations.

Object Size Adjustment

This option provides for the adjustment of the size if the object the system will detect. It is adjustable by the customer on the face of the control panel and allows rejection of determined too small for consideration (ie. Ski racks).

Custom Colors

The default cabinet color of our Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems is a very light gray, however, the Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS) cabinets can be coated any color preferred. Custom colors must be designated at time of order.

Custom Mounts

Standard mounting of the Over Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OHVDS) is typically atop our Model 3701 Telescoping Poles or with our PMB-500 Pole Mount Bracket. If the specific installation requirements/location preclude these options, custom mounts can be designed for the specific installation site/application.

Application Designs

Custom system application design features, multi-system integration/interface and other system adaptations are reviewed and recommendations made on a case by case basis.

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